A delicate, longlasting sparkle whose purety reveals the lively freshness and aromatic quality of the original base wines… A balance that is the hallmark of Bailly Lapierre Crémants: from the bedrock… yet finely chiselled, carrying you away with their intense, mineral freshness. Truly an expression of Burgundy’s rich heritage.
In the unvarying coolness and soft light of the underground vaults and passages, the cellarmaster oversees the seried racks of bottles while the natural yet magical phenomenon gives rise to the sparkle and fizz.
Whichever of our brands you choose –Réserve, Rosé, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Noir et Blanc and, specially for winelovers, original blends from Pinot Noir as well as our cuvées “Vive-la-Joie”–, you are sure to find a Crémant to set your taste buds going and match each moment of enjoyment and pleasure.

The winegrowers at Bailly Lapierre grow and use the whole range of Burgundy’s finest grape varieties:
Pinot Noir and Gamay for the reds, Chardonnay and Aligoté for their whites.

Well-rounded and fresh bubbles



A blend of the Appellation’s four grape varieties (Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Gamay, Aligoté), the wine is congenial, rounded and full, with a varied bouquet. A thirst-quencher, it is our easiest-drinking Crémant, clearcut, clean with a lovely freshness.

Fresh and fruity bubbles



This Rosé Crémant comes from lightly steeped Pinot Noir and Gamay grapes. The first variety brings a winey character, the second its unmistakeable aromas of red berry fruit. A wine for easy enjoyment par excellence, it possesses a delicious softness free of anything sugary. Entirely fresh and with real finesse, its mousse displays an almost frothy, airy lightness…

Fine and mineral bubbles



A “Blanc de Blancs” exclusively from white Chardonnay grapes, its maturity and balance stamp it very much as a “northern” Chardonnay with a mineral edge. Everything about it is elegant finesse, nothing boisterous. Along with its rich, well-rounded flesh and fruitiness, it has incisively defined flavours and a truly winey taste…

Deep and original bubbles



A “Blanc de Noirs”, this is Bailly Lapierre’s hallmark wine –a white made from black Pinot Noir grapes. In our villages, we love to make our sparkle and bubbles from this great variety which is so wonderfully at home here. A Crémant of great character, its style full, deep and powerful, with a fruitiness in the mouth that conjures up a red…

Harmonious and balanced bubbles



The characters of Burgundy’s twin monarchs, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, combine to give a wine that, paradoxically, displays real harmony and a fine balance. Intensely fresh, fine, with definite fruit…

And for winelovers on the lookout for something really unusual, in limited quantities, our “Originals” – Crémants Originaux

Specialities that allow you to discover all the facets of Pinot Noir.

In this northern part of Burgundy that we call home, we are passionate about our Pinot Noir. We have been that way a very long time.
Ancient writings even indicate that this regal variety originated in Irancy.
We therefore created some wines of repute to celebrate the grape that has such charisma!

Intense and clearcut bubbles



Here in Burgundy, Ravizotte is used in a family for that little last-born daughter. The most zesty and refreshing of our Crémants, with barely a trace of sweetness from the dosage, it expresses the clearcut purity of the original Pinot Noir wine. Depth and clarity are the touchstone of this “ebullient” yet taut Crémant which surprises with the force of its definite mineral edge. Noble bubbles…

Deep and pure bubbles



Égarade, here in Burgundy, means a mysterious evening stroll (from the verb s’égarer meaning “to lose one’s way”). In close harmony with the protected natural conditions that brought it forth, it offers a natural expression of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay yet surprises with such concentration, depth and mineral edge. Outstanding bubbles…

Organic Wine

Fresh and smooth bubbles



Faire Gogaille for a Burgundian suggests “Tuck in and enjoy a hearty meal!”. This Crémant displays a freshness full of fruit, allied to a very smooth mouthfeel. The dosage is subtle, the wine sweetish but not heavy, its classic winey aromas of Pinot Noir mingling with hints of certain sweet dessert wines. Irresistible bubbles…

Fruity and enticing bubbles



Baigoule here in Burgundy means very talkative! Made from Pinot Noir and Gamay, this Crémant’s initial aromas carry the strong stamp of tart red berry fruit. In the mouth it is full of fruit, vivacious and with hardly any sweetness. Fruit-filled bubbles…

Outstanding bubble

Outstanding bubble



To the eye: very bright, a pale golden colour.
On the nose: complex, with aromas of biscuit, ripe stone fruit, scents of delicate blossom and sweet almonds.
In the mouth: great purity and depth, with a subtle mineral touch and remarkable length.
Well-balanced and substantial.

Outstanding bubble



To the eye: a rose-hued gold with the slightest touch of orange.
On the nose: aromas of rose petals, biscuit, sweet almonds and cherry stones.
In the mouth: a light airiness, tender and subtle, with a delicious fresh feel, the red berry fruit of the finish going on endlessly.

Underlying the birth of “Vive-la-Joie” lay a form of curiosity…This cuvée, in both white and rosé, we consider to be the flagbearer of our winery. Its expression is the fulfillment of the skills and know-how we have developed and handed down since 1972, enriched and honed by the experience and research of one and all among us. It began with some astonishing discoveries in our vinothèque, the bottle library that is our living memory. Very often we have discovered the ‘joys’ of ageing wines – and such enjoyment! : our Crémants, when kept in certain conditions, develop a truly enhanced character. After laying in the racks for a number of months, a magical alchemy occurs. Through trial and error, we have found that the wines retain their lively freshness wholely intact provided we carry out four operations in combination: a scrupulous selection of the wine, fairly lenthy ageing, a recent dégorgement (clearing the sediment) and, prior to tasting, a period of several months during which the wines settle down. Our Crémants benefit admirably from such a combination, preserving a finesse and elegance that is rarely equalled. “Vive-la-Joie”, made with Burgundy’s two hallmark grapes, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, really is a wine for ageing ! A joy for winelovers with a taste for older vintages.

A delicately sparkling burgundy wine



Bailly Lapierre L’inattendu offers a refreshing expression of the Yonne terroir.
This well-structured and creamy sparkling Crémant de Bourgogne develops into rich aromas of toasted almond and vanilla whilst retaining a light freshness.

Pure and finely chiselled



Bailly Lapierre L’authentique is a Crémant de Bourgogne “non dosé”, finely chiselled, very pure with a mineral freshness.